Units 1 & 2 Turnaround, Axeon Specialty Products, LLC

Units 1 & 2 Turnaround
Axeon Specialty Products, LLC, Paulsboro, NJ

Axeon Specialty Products Delta Nooter truck extractor

DELTA Nooter submitted a competitive bid and was awarded the lump sum contract for refinery turnaround heat exchanger scope of work. The scope entailed turnkey work for large heat exchangers and tube bundles in two separate refinery units. The largest bundle extracted weighed 40,000 lbs. The scope of work for these exchangers included blinding, extraction, hydroblast cleaning, tube repair/plugging, reassembly and unblinding. The scope of work grew to include clean in place (CIPs) for tube bundles and for fin fans. The tube bundles of the first unit included asphalt and a challenge faced was the heavily soiled, asphalt clogged tubes and the I.D. tube cleaning was completed with conventional high-pressure single lance waterjetting. The second unit was the majority of bundles to be cleaned in a lesser amount of time and needing to meet this greater challenge DELTA Nooter acquired a new fully automated 20K psi 5-lance I.D. tube bundle cleaner manufactured by Peinemann Equipment and our largest NLB shell side cleaning machine to make fast productive work of hydroblast cleaning these difficult tube bundles. In doing so, the original schedule was retained and the turnaround was completed leak free.

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