Plantwide Turnaround, United Refining Company

Plantwide Turnaround
United Refining Company, Warren, PA

United Refining Company DELTA nooter aerial extractorThe plantwide turnaround consisted of performing blind to blind turnkey boilermaker services and high-pressure waterjet hydro-blast cleaning for 296 exchangers; 133 towers, vessels, drums; and 80,000+ manhours and put a portion of our fleet of equipment to hard continuous use. Due to the large number of exchanger tube bundles to be cleaned within a short duration, DELTA Nooter provided an extensive fleet of high pressure hydroblast cleaning equipment and crew for 24/7 operations at two (2) heat exchanger bundle cleaning washpads. Our customer maximized the value of the turnaround shutdown time by performing extensive repair and machining to the exchangers for all new gaskets. DELTA Nooter reassembled all exchangers leak free and Grafoil gasket tape was not used as planned by specifications. Despite a harsh winter and temperatures that dipped to -25 degrees F, the turnaround was completed leak free within 28 consecutive calendar days.

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