DELTA Nooter is a nationwide refinery, petrochemical and industrial specialty services contractor with management, equipment and labor for planning and execution of refinery turnarounds, heat exchanger specialty maintenance services and high pressure hydroblast waterjet cleaning services.

Refinery maintenance and turnarounds

  • Refinery maintenance
  • Refinery turnarounds
  • Turnkey turnarounds
  • Refinery alterations capital work
  • Pre-turnaround TA planning
  • TA planners and project managers
  • Schedulers
  • Heat exchanger specialty services
  • Heater repairs
  • Tower tray and internals alteration and installation
  • Reactors, drums and vessel repairs

Construction and erection labor

  • Capital projects
  • Ironworkers – steel erection
  • Column dressout and erection
  • Boilermakers
  • Pipefitters
  • Equipment setting


  • Hoisting and lift planning

Specialty services

  • Turnkey specialty heat exchanger services (blind to blind)
  • Heat exchanger bundle pull push extraction
  • Vertical heat exchanger bundle extraction
  • Conventional heat exchanger bundle extraction
  • FCC, Gas Con, Poly, Alky unit turnarounds
  • Crude, Vacuum, DHT unit turnarounds
  • Columns, towers, trays
  • Reactors and drums
  • Fin fans
  • High pressure waterjet cutting
  • Hydroblast cleaning
  • 10K, 20K, 40K  p.s.i. high pressure waterblasting
  • Spiral exchanger tube cleaning
  • Tube plugging
  • Pop-a-Plug®
  • Tube repair, tube replacement, re-tubing
  • Code repair
  • Specialty alloy welding
  • Bolt torqueing

Tank maintenance and repair 

  • Specialty vessels
  • Floating tank roofs
  • Tank bottoms

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